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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beautiful Women Stun Men

Psychologists at Radboud University in The Netherlands found 
that "men who spend even a few minutes in the company 
of an attractive woman perform less well in tests 
designed to measure brain function than those who chat 
to someone they do not find attractive."  
Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology

Researchers think the reason may be that men use up so much of their brain function or "cognitive resources" trying to impress beautiful women, they have little left for other tasks. (Pat Hagan, "Men Lose Their Minds Speaking To Pretty Women,", September 3 2009)

And, this may be simply because men are programmed by evolution to think more about mating opportunities. Women, however, were not affected by chatting to a handsome man. Reportedly, they look for other attributes, such as wealth, youth and kindness.

No Surprise: Pretty Girls Make Men Brain Dead 

We men have know this for years. We didn't need a study to confirm the fact that we lose our ability to think in the presence of a pretty woman. Something in an encounter with a babe turns us into dumb, goofy stooges who can no longer concentrate. We fumble, stutter, and feel our knees turn to jelly. We want to make meaningful conversation and show our best side, but we can't. We are stunned. It's just not fair to judge us by anything stupid we might say or do when we are in this mode.One word fits this feeling well: We become DUMBFOUNDED.

I like the Vince Gill song "Whenever You Come Around." It think it captures the feeling so well. I've always thought this song evoked memories of similar feelings felt by wilting guys. I can't tell you how many times in high school I just didn't know what to say in the presence of a pretty girl. I was so easily dumbfounded. 

"I get weak in the knees, and I lose my breath.
Oh, I try to speak, but the words won't come...
I'm so scared to death.
And when you smile that smile, the world turns upside down
Whenever you come around."  
-"Whenever You Come Around" Vince Gill
View "Whenever You Come Around" here:

More than anything else, I believe, a smile and friendly eyes can serve to calm this dumbfounded state. Men may be programmed by evolution to think about mating, but most are also very pleased just to find out that a pretty lady is pleasantly receptive to their admiration. Is this view sexist and chauvinistic. I guess it may be.

I can hear the girls' opposition to this train of thought now -- they are saying "guys just want to ogle me and treat me like a sex object." And, they are probably right about some guys who would believe a smile is an invitation to something else. But, beauties who love to "cold shoulder" men or who take pride in their ability to dazzle the "silly boys" seem cruel to me.

Oh well, if you are a girl, don't listen to me. After all, in your presence, I am just another dumbfounded guy with frazzled thoughts. Have mercy - I can't think straight in this condition. Besides, women remain a mystery and a true source of amazement to me. I have accepted this as part of life, and I'm too old to change now.

And, consider this, guys. According to relationship correspondent, Curt Smith of

"Believe it or not, beautiful women have a hard time meeting men. The reason being that most men are intimidated by their looks. They think that because she looks good, she must be high maintenance, hard to get, already dating, and snobby.

"The few men that do approach her are all players who like to play head games just to get into her panties and claim her as a trophy.

"U-men (ugly men) that date beautiful women know this. They know that in most cases, beautiful women are single, fed up of head games and craving for a real man to approach them and desire them for who they are and not solely for their bodies.

"The U-man must always be one step ahead of the game; he has nothing to lose and everything to gain." (Curt Smith, "Why Do Beautiful Women Date Ugly Men?"

You single average Joes, take heart. Although you may be melting into the floor and slurring your words when you meet a pretty lady, you may still be able to survive and attract her attention. On a personal note, I wouldn't get too confident though. I still believe most women are strongly attracted to the attributes of studly looks, wealth, and any other means to provide real security.

So if you see a beauty you would love to love, remember, she's probably used to seeing that "man in the headlights" look. Don't just look so dumbfounded... find your confidence and proceed, but do so extremely cautiously. Remember, she has the evolutionary edge. And, likely, she always will. But, damn, ain't she beautiful!?
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