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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Youth At Risk In Scioto

 According to the 2010 U.S. Census, here are some demographics for Scioto County children:

Children In Scioto County, Ohio

    Age           Number       Percentage

Under 5 years              4,860                              6.1
5 to 9 years                  4,949                              6.2
10 to 14 years              5,178                              6.5
15 to 19 years              5,575                              7.0

The county has 9,943 households with individuals under 18 (32.2%).  Of those households, the following is true.


Own child (biological, step or adopted)                                               86.9%
Male householder with own children, no wife present                            2.7%
Female householder with own children, no husband present                  7.2%
Grandchild                                                                                           9.4%
Other relatives                                                                                     1.6%
Foster child or other unrelated child                                                      2.0%


Unmarried partner of householder present                                            8.6%

Scioto County has 32,000 people (population 16 and over) in the labor force, which is 52.7% of the population. And, 17.9% of its families live below the poverty level. The children who live in households where income in the past 12 months is below the poverty level is 31.5%. 80.7 of the population 25 years or older are high school graduates.

Poverty Rates in Scioto County, Ohio in 2005-2009

People age 65 and over 14%

Related children under 18 years
All families
Female householder families

Public Assistance In the Past 12 Months

Children (under 18) living in households with Supplemental Security Income (SSI),        39.6%
cash public assistance income, or Food Stamp/SNAP benefits

Research confirms that three in ten teens think prescription pain killers are not addictive. This large majority of teenagers believe that prescriptions pain relievers are not addictive and "much safer" than illegal drugs. Additionally, 56% of teens think prescription drugs are easier to obtain than street drugs. Teens can easily access prescription pain pills from their family members or friends, and they justify taking the pills because a doctor prescribes them.  

With increased risk factors in Scioto County, children face incredible danger from prescription drug abuse. With nearly 18% of families below the poverty level, a graduation rate significantly lower than the national average, and 13.7 of children living in non-traditional families, Scioto is fertile ground for prescription drug abuse.

This means many teens in Scioto County 
believe prescription pain killers are NOT addictive. 
And, considering demographic characteristics 
that put county children at increased risk 
for emotional and social problems, 
the number of misinformed 
and/or uninformed children is surely 
much higher than national averages. 

Is it any wonder Scioto County children need 
a proven prevention program of drug abuse education?

Four of the top five drugs abused by 12th grade Ohio students are prescription drugs, according to the latest report by the Ohio Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force.

As of spring 2011 the Scioto County has had more than 120 drug related deaths over the preceding decade, and in 2009 had the second-highest death rate in the state from accidental drug overdoses, even though it is sparsely populated compared to the urban population centers of the state.

Because of the extent of the problem, the Drug Enforcement Administration has listed Scioto County on its watch list of the 10 most-significant places in the country for trafficking in prescription drugs. ( Holly Zachariah (2010-02-07). "Illegal prescription-drug trade is now epidemic," The Columbus Dispatch
Article: "10 Frightening Facts About Prescription Pain Pills":

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