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Friday, April 13, 2012

Addicts: It Takes Informed Loved Ones To Love One

This is a press release that could change your life and the life of your loved ones. One of the most important considerations for anyone who is truly interested in joining the fight against drug abuse is to develop a clear perception of addiction. Believe me, what you may presently understand about the problem may be insufficient. I know my limited comprehension of addiction led me to seek more knowledge in order to explore appropriate solutions, and I have found most of my "old ideas" to be ineffective in practice. I believe this group will help instill a research-based view that will  help any loved ones of a person dealing with drug addiction.

In addition, the programs presented by the group contain strategies that will assist anyone seeking skills in prevention. Education is the key to solving the myriad of problems associated with drug abuse, and these programs "get straight to the point" by teaching practical, tested methods of effecting positive change. The study represents a "life insurance policy" for those looking for effective mechanisms to help sustain a drug-free life.

 The press release follows:

"The Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation is pleased to announce the formation of a Loved Ones Group. The Loved Ones Group is a multi-week program to help any and all who wish to learn how to help and understand someone ...who is fighting drug addiction.

"This program will be the first of many put on through the area in the future. The Garrett C. Maloney Foundation, The Counseling Center and Community Leaders Sandy Smith and Cathy McCoy will be helping to facilitate this group.

“This group is open to any and all who wish to have a greater understanding of how to help someone fight drug addiction”, said Traci Maloney, Co-Chair of the Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation.

"The South Webster Loved Ones Group will meet the first time on Thursday April 12th at 6:00 P.M. at the Pinkerman South Webster Community Church located on Carmichael Street in South Webster.

"We are here and as Garrett put it so wonderfully let us remember “we are meant to help others and we are made to SPREAD LOVE!!!"

"For more information about the Loved Ones Group or the Foundation you can contact us at (740) 961-0648 or ."

Roger G. Sessor Jr
Executive Director

Don't worry if you missed the first meeting of the Loved Ones Group. The eight weeks of instruction do not require attendance for each session. Each week offers a program that is self-contained, so you will not lose continuity by missing sessions. An attendee may benefit from as few or as many evenings as they wish to attend. Of course, there is no charge for attending.

Also, any addition materials you may want to use are free of charge. A video and a book are available to those who attend the meetings. So, if you do miss a session or two, you can use these resources to supplant the information you miss.

The Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation is doing excellent work in the area. They hope to be a model for other groups who wish to lend their support to fighting drug abuse. With the formation of the Loved One's Group in South Webster, they want to seed similar groups in other parts of the county. This study represents a wonderful opportunity to help prepare any others who wish to begin a Loved Ones support group. I pray many will take advantage of this.

I implore you to attend as many of these Loved One's sessions as you can. For those merely concerned, this is a "need to do" opportunity; for those dealing with someone who is addicted, this is a Godsend; for those addicted, this is real hope. Through these efforts attendees will be connected to all the life-saving resources in our county. The web of assistance is much greater than you realize, and it grows almost every day. The Counseling Center, the Scioto County Drug Abuse Action Team, SOLACE, and other groups support the efforts of The Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation.

If you wish to attend and need transportation, call me at (740) 353-7594. I will assist you with travel. You will be an important member of the group. Do not hesitate to attend: we are all learning together.

To me, here's the bottom line. There's some old advice that goes like this: "What they don't know won't hurt them." This saying is the worst possible advice for anyone who wants to fight drug abuse. In the case of abuse, the advice should be: "What they don't know can kill them."

Loved ones who are uniformed, misinformed, waiting on a miracle, wishing and hoping, denying the problem, or delaying action can, and will, experience more and more problems. Chances are you, as I did, fit at least one of those categories. Until you decide to take an active role in EDUCATING YOURSELF, you will not be productive in the majority of your efforts.

As we gather together and band ourselves with knowledge and commitment, we will defeat our common enemies. I know of no enemy more dangerous to our loved ones than drug abuse. I am so proud of people in Scioto County like those in The Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation. These folks are not only giving their own tireless efforts but also offering incredible assistance to every other person in need. This cooperation represents "community" at its finest.

Please, let me review. 

Name:  Loved Ones Group
Sponsor:  The Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation
Meetings: Thursdays 
Time:  6:00 P.M.  (Sessions are short -- hour to hour and a half)
Place:  Pinkerman South Webster Community Church, Carmichael Street in South Webster 


"In every community, there is work to be done.
In every nation, there are wounds to heal.
In every heart, there is the power to do it."

  -Marianne Williamson, author
For those of us who may be new to Jeep territory:
Continue to follow US -52
1. Take the OH-140 ramp toward S Webster.
0.2 mi
2. Turn left onto OH-140/Webster St. Continue to follow OH-140.
  • If you reach US-52 E you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
11.1 mi
3. Turn left onto N Jackson St.
  • N Jackson St is just past S Bennett St
  • Christ United Methodist is on the left
  • If you are on Main St and reach Clingman St you've gone a little too far
0.4 mi
4. Turn left onto Carmichael St.
  • Carmichael St is just past Sugar Camp St
  • Pinkerman South Webster Comm is on the left
  • If you reach Tripp St you've gone a little too far
0.02 mi
 5. 37 CARMICHAEL ST is on the left -- Church is there.
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