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Monday, April 23, 2012

U R U Nique

"I am not like anyone else."

I believe and live by these words.

I believe God intends each of us to find purpose and to weave our unique threads into the fabric of humanity. As evidenced in our exclusive fingerprints, we are designed as a singular identity. Yet, our very existence is dependent upon other individuals who provide us sustenance and who nurture our independence. We all are essential pieces of a larger tapestry, and God has given us the free will to devote our particular assets to complete needed temporal works.

I think an adult who waits on an outside stimulus to effect change is stagnant. A human need only look within to find a spark of the purpose for his or her creation. The discovery of self allows us to become "a particular life" with a purposeful existence. In other words, to me, a person's diversity is a gift meant to become a means of strengthening social ties. Having bestowed a "piece of heaven" to every heart, the Maker expects every person to find, interpret, and spread this love to the best of his or her ability.

Many people resist the call. They live their lives believing that a purpose for their life will be clearly ordained by a heavenly source. Their "calling" is stalled or delayed by their own trusting faith and belief in providence. They believe they have to do nothing other than trust in God and good to live productively. Instead, I believe God intends these people to search "from the inside" and transfer their positive energy and action to the community to help insure the essential earthly delivery of the common good.

Many other individuals see their contributions to society to be unnecessary and unrelated to their intended purpose. As these people personally prosper or suffer, they see their lot as righteous earnings or circumstances of fate. They hoard the trappings of their lives in heaping accumulations of fortune or misfortune, and they believer the, themselves, are the engines of their own existence. Instead of discovering and nurturing their attributes to rise above their own greed or pity, they become faithless and introverted.

I have seen people who develop a love of money as a purpose for their lives. They actually believe their greatest gifts are acquisition, power and grandeur. They proudly store and carefully distribute their monetary assets within family bounds except for occasional shows of public generosity given as selfish tax write offs or as indications of their powerful political concerns. Their pride eventually leads to a "love" of money and the desire for all that it can do to make their lives pleasurable.

And, I have seen the exceedingly poor in their stubborn exaltation of "living on the dole" resist many efforts that could better their own independent existence, preferring instead to rant about inequality and poverty as if living in crippling conditions is a proud birthright. These people live their entire lives in a state of obligation to a society kind enough to provide the basics for human existence. Where is their interest in self discovery and their dogged determination to develop unique assets to assist others? They often feel powerless, so they develop weak wills and prejudices against those who have more than they do.

To be fair, I am not condemning the rich or the poor. Instead, I am purposely confronting anyone who has not looked to his or her soul to discover their spin on the planet is not a "free ride." I don't encourage people to attempt to change an individual because I believe the stimulus for action is within a person's own understandings and the key to unlocking the "ticket" that pays for existence lies in the acceptance and application of his or her own individuality.

We must use tolerance to cement our differences and strengthen our respect so that we may explore all possible solutions and, together, find new answers that represent the will to achieve the common good. It is our very difference that serves to unite us to make the work lasting and beautiful -- in the completion of such undertakings, we each see a reflection of ourselves, not standing alone, but standing together in harmony, a reflection from a wonderful construction created through individual gifts bonded by dependency.

We all learn valuable lessons of diversity as we share "building" experiences with each other. Lasting changes are products of cooperation and compromise. The people who effect these changes come from all walks and all backgrounds of life. They have found a voice they know as true, and they have become convinced that their opinions are necessary parts of the blueprints for a solid plan.

I believe too often we proceed with tunnel vision and belittle or ignore, for our own selfish reasons, the smaller voices of truth. Leaders decide that forcing a change is much more efficient than working through compromise, so they resist diverse planning and shrink back into old, accepted patterns of behavior that provide a temporary band aid.

As leaders become convinced they can control the minds of others by force, they can quickly find efforts to funnel humanity through a narrow channel of understanding into a sea of acceptance are fruitless. Forcing a change nearly always produces strong resistance. Bottlenecks develop as individuals discover personal, seemingly valid reasons to resist. And, isn't this just human nature? Force denies importance of self and stifles positive diversity.

If, however, humans are free to become active participants in decision making and are allowed to discover some personal benefit in change, they justify the movement as being "good for them." They willingly accept the possible benefits of the proposition. How many more of these same individuals then put their unique talents into effecting the new course?
I am not like anyone else, nor do I wish to be like anyone else. It is true that I am unique in the world, and this fact can cause me to have feelings of insecurity and loneliness. However, to understand the reason that I continue to breathe good air, I feel the need to develop and share any God-given talents I possess.

I think all humans are alone/together. We desperately need each other, and the only way we can fit all the untold pieces together is to spread love. I feel every human is capable of feeling and giving love. As I better understand how to add my little piece to the puzzle, I know others must fill in missing portions to make a complete, magnificent accomplishment -- a true work of love.

"When we allow ourselves to exist truly and fully,
we sting the world with our vision
and challenge it with our own ways of being." 

- Thomas Moore
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