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Monday, May 28, 2012

Online Daily Times English Quiz

I was reading the May 28 edition of today. I reread one sentence in the paper to be sure my eyes were correct. One of my pet peeve English usage errors caused me to pause and consider how to direct a response in my blog entry.

I read the rest of the paper and found some other rather disturbing errors. I wondered how many of you readers could spot the problems. So, I thought I would use text from the May 28 paper to construct a little English quiz.

As a retired English teacher, I, too, make embarrassing errors due to haste and oversight. I do not expect perfection from anyone, but a little usage review may prevent future stumbles. See what kind of error you think is contained in each example. My answers will follow.

1. Anchored at the museum with jaunts to nearby highlights like Shawnee State Uuniversity’s music labs and planetarium, Cirque d’Art, and other places.

(a.) spelling,  (b.) usage,  (c.) sentence fragment,  (d.) subject/verb agreement.

2. SmARTcamp is designed to bring young imaginations directly into play with at-hand elements of art, music, drama, and architecture all around them and, especially, to encourage their personal creative responses to it all.

(a.) parallel structure,  (b.) pronoun usage,  (c.) sentence structure,  (d.) dangling construction.

3. Donini thanked the public for there assistance and said anyone wishing to leave drug information for the Southern Ohio Drug Task Force, can contact the Sheriff’s Office drug line at 740-351-1094, the Portsmouth Police Dept. drug line at 740- 354-DRUG (3784), or email

(a) spelling,  (b) usage,  (c.) comma fault,  (d.) sentence structure.

4. Tyler will turn 16 on Aug. 1 and has already reserved a plane to take his official solo flight. There is a lot that I have to work on before then, but I feel ready now,” Stidham said.

(a) punctuation,  (b.) sentence structure,  (c.) subject/verb agreement,  (d.) vague pronoun usage.

5. The unidentified rental unit employee said they were somewhat puzzled by the cut locks.

(a.) punctuation,  (b.) spelling,  (c.) verb tense,  (d.) pronoun agreement.

6. On the television show “Storage Wars,” bolt cutters are used to open the storage units, sometimes exposing valuable items.

(a.) passive voice verb,  (b.) parallel structure,  (c.) sentence structure,  (d.) adjective/adverb usage.

7. The memorial ceremony usually includes and invocation and color guard, and brief comments by featured speakers.

(a.) subject/verb agreement,  (b.) usage,  (c.) sentence structure,  (d.) dangling construction.

8. Marietta—equipped with Wheelersburg alum Aaron Hopper, Valley graduate Zach Bukiewicz and recent West product Anthony Knittel—started defense of its title last night off with Whitworth (WA) College and the Pioneers are on the quest to make it back-to-back crowns.

(a.) verb usage and run-on sentence,  (b.) spelling,  (c.) pronoun agreement,  (d.) capitalization.

9. Each player has a different paths, different viewpoints and different perspectives heading into the double-elimination tournament.

(a.) sentence structure,  (b.) spelling,  (c.) pronoun/noun agreement,  (d.) adjective/adverb usage.

 10. As the team was on the bus ride Wednesday to Wisconsin, Hopper knows this is business is as usual but recognizes it’s a different year.

(a.) punctuation,  (b.) subject/verb agreement,  (c.) wordiness,  (d.) passive voice verb.

11. To participate in the prom, tickets are free and are available beginning May 28 at all branches of the Portsmouth Public Library.

(a.) dangling construction,  (b.) capitalization,  (c.) verb tense,  (d.) run-on sentence.

12. Books such as “World War Z” by Max Brooks, and comedy-horror movies such as “Dark Shadows,” “Shaun of the Dead,” and “Zombieland,” have herald the coming supernatural trend.

(a.) sentence fragment,  (b.)  capitalization,  (c.) pronoun agreement,  (d.) verb tense.
13. The teens participated in presentations informing them of the application process, scholarships, financial aide, housing, challenges of college life, the educational opportunities and many benefits of attending Shawnee State University and earning a college degree.

(a.) run-on sentence,  (b.) usage,  (c.) pronoun agreement,  (d.) dangling construction.

14. The Daily Times has been in business for more than 150 years serving the hard working citizens of area with a dedication to local news and information.

(a.) word omission,  (b.) sentence structure,  (c.) punctuation,  (d.) sentence fragment.

15. The Daily Times is the overwhelmingly dominant media property/brand in the area with TV stations in markets one to two hours away and very few local radio options.
(a.) adjective/adverb usage,  (b.) confusing idea/content,  (c.) capitalization,  (d.) verb tense.


1. c  2. b  3. b  4. a  5. d  6. a  7. b  8. a  9. c  10. c  11. a  12. d  13. b  14. a  15. b
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