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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who We Are: Fix the Scioto County Problem of Drug Abuse Facebook Group

Since its inception several years ago, the Fix the Scioto Country Problem of Drug Abuse Facebook Group has given county communities a modern, fast link of communications. We have used the link to disseminate news about local developments; to rally public, political, and agency support; to share studies and articles concerning prevention, treatment, and intervention; to make announcements about meetings and events of local service and support groups; to update ongoing activities and court proceedings; to post inspirational messages and devotions; and to provide an open forum for anyone to express their opinions about health epidemic of Scioto County drug abuse.

Among its specific actions, the Facebook Group has initiated and participated in many of the following measures and activities:

* Held 10 protests against pill mills, "The Pill Mill Farewell Tour," in 10 different areas of Scioto County

* Called numerous Facebook Group meetings to recruit members, plan strategies, and initiate activities against abuse

* Led campaigns and sent E-mails and other personal communication to local, state, and national lawmakers calling attention to the Scioto County Epidemic of Drug Abuse 
* Rallied members to help acquire better enforcement, improved education, and more affordable rehab facilities

* Interviewed with National Public Radio, Men's Health Magazine, The Washington Post, the Ohio News Network (ONN), The Portsmouth Daily Times, and other media
 * Held and organized multiple commemorations of the National Day of Prayer featuring many area ministers of all faiths

* Held and organized a commemoration of appreciation for Law Enforcement Day featuring members of the Portsmouth FOP, the Scioto County Sheriffs Office, and the local Ohio State Patrol Post 73

* Sponsored and help distribute Al Oliver's "Get on Base, Not on Drugs" Little League Baseball patch
* Wrote articles, letters, and organized human support for Ohio House Bill 93 Prescription Drug Legislation

* Helped plan and participated in "7 Marches in 7 Weeks" Apostolic and faith-based initiative in Portsmouth, Ohio to canvass the city and offer outreach
* Drafted a successful online petition with detailed comments and 177 supporters on against the opening of Physicians Pharmacy in Piketon, Ohio and mailed all information to the DEA
* Supported and campaigned for the Prevention School Levy "Save Our Kids"

* Helped plan and participated in a Portsmouth Town Hall Meeting
* Initiated action and worked with Attorney John McHenry and Portsmouth City Council to draft and pass an ordinance to regulate the practice of pain clinics in the city
* Organized support against Attorney Hillman’s request for an injunction against the City of Portsmouth’s implementation of that ordinance

* Cooperated with and participated in the Scioto Drug Action Team, SOLACE, The Garrett C. Maloney Memorial Foundation, the Counseling Center, Loved Ones education and support group, the Appalachian Regional Commission, Governor Kasich, Attorney General DeWine, local law enforcement, DEA, Portsmouth City Council, Piketon Village Council, local schools, and different citizen groups

From scratch, Fix the Scioto County Problem of Drug Abuse Facebook Group has built a good membership and readership. We serve as a direct communications link for all interested people. The group is open and frequently updated with vital information. We ask that you read the comments and posts each day to keep abreast of local, state, and national developments. Ask to join the group if you have not as yet done so.

Believe it or not, our grass roots plan of action in Scioto County has become a model for countless other American communities struggling with how to approach the problem of drug abuse. We have health officials, lawmakers, enforcement officials, and respected journalists in our membership who rely on Fix the Scioto County Problem for up-to-date, factual information and for editorial comment.

I hope you can see that the service our Facebook group provides extends far beyond communication. We have done many things in a few years, but we cannot stop to celebrate the positive steps we have taken. Is is vital that the membership remains active against drug abuse. This means a renewal of interest for some "old warriors" and a commitment from many "new faces" to join us in our hard, yet rewarding work.

In order to accomplish more, we need the support of dedicated citizens who want to be activists in our movement. We presently number 3,293 members, the majority of which are local. We appreciate all of our members, so please, keep reading, learning, and helping others from your home base if you cannot physically attend our functions. Your interest, comments, prayers, and opinions mean so much. Thanks for everything you do.

But, just for a minute imagine the possibilities for accomplishments if thousands of our members commit to the challenge of active involvement. We hope many of you can do this. We encourage you to be a part of the ongoing work.

Before you attend our meeting at the SOLACE Center, 2837 Scioto Trail (right beside the Pizza Pub) in Portsmouth, Ohio, on January 28 at 7:00 P.M., please consider what we can do to increase proactive intervention and preventative interaction. We need your ideas, your questions, and your concerns. The pill mills are gone, but we remain in the thick of the fight against drug abuse. Our mission is to save lives. We honestly believe we are accomplishing that goal, but we can do so much more with your assistance. Thanks. Think along the following lines to help us with new strategies.

Proactive Intervention and Preventative Interaction

A safe community must have proactive intervention and preventative interaction with community members.

Proactive Intervention involves many techniques including the following:

* Interference,

* Interdiction (steady actions for the purpose of delaying and disorganizing progress),

* Harassment (impediments that impede and exhaust activity),

* Enforcement

Preventative Interaction, by contrast, involves these things:

* Communication,

* Trust Building,

* Commitment, and

* Caring for Community Members

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