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The Unheathiest County In Ohio -- And the Recognition Goes Again to Scioto

Going Down the Second Time

I am mad as hell.

The 2013 version of the national "County Health Rankings and Roadmaps" study came out today, and Scioto County is still ranked the unhealthiest county in Ohio (88th in a state of 88 counties). Two years in a row, oh my.

Also, consider that last year (2012) Scioto County ranked as the 8th most unhealthy county in the United States. I'm sure this dubious distinction couldn't have improved much in one year although national ranks have yet to be published.
In the fourth year of research, the Rankings show that how long and how well people live depends on multiple factors including rates of smoking, education, and access to healthy food. They also help to lay the groundwork for governors, mayors, business leaders, and citizens across the country to take action to improve health.

I salute and support the Scioto County Health Coalition that was formed in 2012 to combat the health emergency.

In the coalition, Eli Allen facilitates tutorials during the All Hands meeting conducted by Dr. Terry Johnson, Medical Director of the Counseling Center.

SCHC reports are also filed for the following committees:

Wellness (Sharon Carver);
Medical (Dr. Aaron Adams);
Economic Development (Chris Smith);
Code Enforcement (Andy Gedeon);
Community Initiative (Craig Gilliland), and
Prescription Drug Action Team (Lisa Roberts RN).

The Coalition is open to all government agencies, all businesses, non-government organizations, volunteer organizations, and all interested citizens.

Scioto County Health Commissioner Dr. Aaron Adams said the purpose of the Coalition is to reach out, finding partners in the community to improve the health and welfare of the community.


Separate meetings, reports, and committees are largely uncoordinated in respect to drawing the SCHC into one cohesive, active, aggressive force. And, believe me, without strong "in your face" solidarity and actual work, results are often handout papers and "look at what we could do" pleas.

I feel the time citizens invest in this movement makes all the difference. The public has to be willing to unite, to help effect changes, and to demand that our public officials, politicians, and health community "get on the same page." This will not happen as long as the people choose to be indifferent to their fate.

In fact, paid coalition members who view the work as simply part of a "job" description lack sufficient dedication to this very important cause. Talk and promises are not enough. I do not want to put a burr up the wrong butt, but, let's face it, decline has been a long time in the making. Things are not getting much better in respect to total outcomes. If the proverbial "shoe fits" and it's more like a slipper than a work boot ... wear it.

I know the concept of coalitions. A coalition involves a pact among individuals, factions, or groups in which they cooperate in joint action, each in their own self-interest, joining forces together into one body for a specific reason. The reason is evident: to improve the health of people in Scioto County.

The rub in coalitions can be in their strict adherence to "their own self interests." Those within various factions of coalitions may have very limited expectations and goals; they may operate under the necessity of satisfying grants and funding sources; they may suffer the burden of completing tons of paperwork; they may have no interest in some phase of the essential work be it wellness, medical, economic development, code enforcement, community initiative, or prescription drug abuse.

Personally, I have seen a lot of "wait" and little "action." I commend the efforts of the SCHC. I know each member of each coalition group means well. Now, it's time to qualify and quantify some good results. I don't think this can happen on a satisfactory scale unless (1) the group unifies, and (2) the public takes massive interest.

To refuse to join efforts to overhaul the National health system insures Scioto's defeat. The "head of the snake" that injects poisonous venom into our loved ones must be severed. The truth is that the health system is broken. The system cares more about your money than about your health. They have successfully drugged America in Pharmageddon, and their misconduct just keeps growing.

The FDA and Big Pharma are two of the major criminals in this conspiracy to keep you and me ill and begging for meds in order that they may reap outrageous profits. Scioto County, as an addictive community, continues to pay a terrible cost as it willingly opens its veins to sedation.

If you are in the coalition and you are afraid to tackle the Big Government and Big Business alliance, then you need to check your integrity. If you are in the coalition and you refuse to support the entire agenda, then you only hurt the forward movement for reform. I really don't care if your check depends upon your puppet reactions. Maybe the puppeteer isn't allowing you to break from your controlling "strings." Does this bug the worker, official, or politician -- good. Just produce the results you know are needed. From each according to his talents....

And, finally, if you are a citizen of the county who doesn't care about the terrible state of health here, you deserve to suffer the consequences. The consequences lie in the cemeteries, in the hospitals, in the rehabs, in the psych wards, and in the dysfunctional families of Scioto County. Do something good to help the problem today and tomorrow. God bless the children.

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