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Monday, June 10, 2013

Parental Imperative: Provide Your Kid a Ticket for "Greener Pastures"

It is the duty of natural parents to do everything humanly possible to educate their offspring and upgrade the next generation of Americans. Parents who birth their children merely to populate the species and leave them to live their lives dependent upon fate and upon others do not exercise their imperative to better each propagation of their own family.

Until marginally inattentive and indifferent parents realize that they must work diligently to instill values and knowledge in their own children that will allow these offspring to surpass the accomplishments of their moms and dads, outstanding progress cannot occur.

Too many parents today either (1) provide poor role models for their children, or (2) put minimal efforts into structuring continuing educational opportunities for their children, or (3) out of their own ignorance and incompetence, cut loose their immature, under-educated children to suffer certain "defeat" in a complex, competitive world.

The deadbeats, the uneducated , the unstable, the vagrant, the addicts, the "studs" who believe they "prove themselves" through their fertile members, the subservient "bitches" who take pride in adding another little "number" to the roles of welfare -- all of those parents who produce children without the necessary skills to help young people mature and to insure their physical, mental, and intellectual well being must first "step up" THEMSELVES.

Good parents must be active role models with positive traits. And, the role models cannot merely "talk the talk" of success, but those successful parents must also "walk the walk" by actively bettering their own stations in life. This does not mean that the parents must instill "dog-eat-dog" attitudes in their children or raise their children with gigantic egos and material minds. Instead, I believe, the obligation demands that good parents work hand-in-hand with all their children (from birth to death) to provide them with necessary wisdom, encouragement, and strong desire for lifelong education in order to fulfill their mission of climbing the golden generational ladder. 

Good, intelligent kids are not just going "to happen." It is time to change the attitude that families are permanently handicapped by their present condition. Today, so much is made of heredity, environment, and equal opportunity. But, isn't it true that despite serious roadblocks and challenges, parents must first, employ effective strategies to overcome their own difficulties, and second, instill these favorable skills in their children to give them greater confidence? Initiative, determination, and integrity become foundations for success.

Is it any wonder that children who grow up with parents who criticize education and cheapen its role in providing a happy life experience rebellious attitudes from their own children who eventually hate school and prefer to substitute qualities other than intelligence to gain much-needed attention?

Osmosis of wisdom does not magically occur. Parents must provide educational materials and intellectual pathways for their children, and not just do so when their kids are elementary-school age, but also when they are in junior high, high school, and beyond. Teachers should be responsible for initiating and facilitating complex learning experiences required by public education, but teachers are not responsible for nurturing and solving every piece of the "puzzle" that represents a healthy, intelligent, lifelong learner.

Without a proper understanding of the real world, parents choose hope and chance over absolute, tried and true preparation. Odds are that wishes will do little to satisfy dreams. To be honest, the path to raising oneself above the conditions of parents is narrow and difficult. Unless mom and dad provide their tireless guidance and assistance, their offspring will likely settle for the familiar environment and comfort level of mutual, familiar existence.

Although children are sometimes spurred by undesirable family situations to achieve greater heights, these success stories are the exception to the rule. Let me stress that I believe being a parent REQUIRES both being a good, productive role model and providing the education that gives children the tools they require to live a better life.

I tire of hearing "my child didn't because...." I believe most parents who repeat this phrase are just attempting to excuse their own inadequate parenting skills. Even though parents lack some qualities of the"perfect mom or dad," as all parents do, the concerted efforts they put into raising the life station of their child count so much for their inevitable shortcomings.

I mean, come on, give kids credit for knowing the truth. They understanding parents are not flawless human beings. In fact, I believe they can detect good intentions and excuse faults with incredible accuracy while feeding off well-meaning vibes as they achieve mountainous heights of self esteem and independence.

To close, I ask readers to consider the vast improvement in society if more parents would prioritize their commitment to their children. The goal is pretty simple to verbalize: "Parents must raise their children to insure accomplishing better lives than their own and, thus, better the propagation of each generation of their own family." This is a big request and it requires a huge personal commitment. In some cases, it also requires a fundamental change -- a monumental alteration in the way parents live their own lives.

"Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total; of all those acts will be written the history of this generation." 

--Robert Kennedy

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