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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rodman Loves "Cool" Kim Jong Un

Basketball player turned media clown Dennis Rodman recently went to North Korea to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Rodman was on his own mission of so-called "basketball diplomacy." He is scheduling an event that will involve players from North Korea.

Rodman says Kim asked him to do one thing: "Tell the American people we're very cool."

"He has to do his job, but he's a very good guy," Rodman said.

 (Josh Levs, "North Korea: Reality vs. the World According
 to Dennis Rodman," CNN, September 10 2013)

I despise idiotic acts like Dennis Rodman's theatrical statecraft in North Korea. Acting out of his own vainglorious ego and greed, Dennis Rodman along with Kim Jong Un and Paddy Power, an online betting company, are putting together an abominable spectacle. Josh Levs reports ...

"'The marshal' -- the term Kim goes by -- "gave me anything I wanted," he said. Kim told him, "We've got 150,000 kids will do anything for you on the field. We've got 95,000 people will be in the stadium watching this game."

Dennis Rodman is nothing but an egocentric, grandstanding fool, and Kim Jong Un is a ruthless, war-mongering dictator who has subjected his own people to unspeakable human rights violations -- horrors including beatings, starvation, and executions, all of this in a country with a crooked judiciary and a regime so restrictive that even state media haven't mentioned the possibility that their leader might have fathered a daughter. 

Rodman contends "good guy" Kim is misunderstood by journalists. "You write what you hear, but you don't see what you write," Rodman complained, saying he wants to bring a journalist on one of his trips to visit his friend.

Rodman is attempting to cloak his meetings with the dictator and his selfish international basketball scheme as "peace and love" negotiations beneficial to America. "It's about trying to open Obama's and everyone's minds," he said, aiming some of his remarks at the U.S. president. "You don't have to talk about politics. ... Meet him or even give him a call. That's all he wants."

And, Rodman believes he is a smooth operator, capable of reforming dictatorial rule. According to Rodman: "I said to him, 'Your grandfather and your father did some bad things ... but you are trying to change.'" Rodman added, "Kim has an 'image' to keep up."

The Bottom Line

How about sending Dennis a congratulatory message?

"Dear Dennis, 

"You and good old Kim the tyrant are two cool humanitarians. Your round-ball negotiations will likely lead to world peace. No two other friends could possibly accomplish spreading so much love to the planet. Keep up the good work!"


Instead, I wish the U.S. government would deny Dennis Rodman re-entry to the country. He and Kim could chill permanently in North Korea, where both are seen as heavenly creations. They could play ball with each other all day and party with hordes of luscious, exploited honeys all night. The marshal and the worm together doing what both do best -- using people, recharging their egos, and spreading their deceitful rhetoric. Now, that's North Korea at its best.

By the way, Kim Jong Un, I don't believe you fathered a child because I doubt if you "have a sufficient pair." But, if this Kim Ju-ae is yours, I hope she's proud of her #1 dictating daddy.

And, Dennis, how did that trip to Vatican City organized by the Irish gambling company go? Nice altruistic work there. I remember you said, "I'm just promoting this website. It's a gambling website, and it's about people who are going to bet on the new pope, and if he's black, you get your money back."

And, oh yeah, Rodman, you are asking Kim to release American prisoner Kenneth Bae while you're promoting the basketball thing? What a sick self-professed humanitarian you are. In truth, you are a crazy, fruitcake of a hypocritical human being. Oh well, good luck on launching the Bad Boy Vodka campaign. Maybe you will get get an appointment as our Russian basketball ambassador.

One last thought, Dennis. You and Kim should have lots to talk about. Don't forget to fill him in on your multiple convictions for drunk driving, multiple arrests for domestic violence, and the spousal battery settlement. And, I almost forgot, tell him about the alleged $860,376 in child and spousal support you owe ex-wife Michelle. I'm sure the marshal will enjoy your conversations.

 North Korean Propaganda Poster
Caption: "Death to U.S. Imperialists, Our Sworn Enemy"
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