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Monday, July 14, 2014

Playboy Playmate Vitals Quiz: Why Women Need Fat

 Hef and Playboy

Why do many women misread men's desires and mistakenly think they would be more attractive to men if they weighed less? According to Dr. Will Lassek, M.D. who wrote Why Women Need Fat, men do not find extremely skinny women to be attractive.

"The ultra-thin fashion models whose photos adorn these magazines (like Mademoiselle or Vogue) and who flaunt the latest Parisian designs on runways are quite different from the women who are attractive enough to men that they are willing to pay to look at them, like Playboy Playmates."

(Will Lassek, M.D. "Do Men Find Very Skinny Women Attractive?" 
from Why Women Need Fat. Psychology Today. February 25, 2012) 

Would you believe that the waist is where men look first and most when judging a woman's attractiveness?

So, in this blog entry, I will base a Playmate Vitals Quiz on the information gleaned from Dr. Lassek's studies. Take out a piece of scrap paper and number 1-12 to record your answers. You may be surprised at what you find. Answers are provided after the quiz. No peeking.

Playboy Playmate Vitals Quiz

1. ___ The typical young American women today are how many pounds heavier than they were forty years ago?

a. 10 pounds
b. 20 pounds
c. 30 pounds
d. 40 pounds

2. ___ The average Playboy Playmate is

a. 5' 6" tall and weighs 115 pounds
b. 5'7" tall and weighs 120 pounds
c. 5'8" tall and weighs 130 pounds
d. 5'9" tall and weighs 135 pounds

3. ___ The typical Playmate's bust, waist, and hip measurements are

a. 38-24-36
b. 36-26-34
c. 35-23-34
d. 34-26-36 

4. ___ Before 1980, what fraction of American women in their late teens had a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 20?

a. three-fourths,
b. two-thirds, 
c. one-half,
d. one-third 

5. ___ A typical Playmate's hips are what percentage of her height, similar to other women with the same BMI?

a. 61%
b. 53%
c. 48%
d. 45% 

6. ___ A typical Playmate is what percentage more curvy than a typical fashion model?

a. 36%
b. 40%
c. 52%
d. 60%

7. ___ A typical Playmate's BMI is

a. 09.5%
b. 12.5%
c. 15.8%
d. 18.5%

8. ___ Using the difference between bust and waist, and waist and hips in relation to height, a typical Playmate is what percentage more curvy than an average university undergraduate?

a. 54%
b. 45%
c. 33%
d. 25%

9. ___ Dr. Lassek contends the hourglass figure of a woman appeals to men for reproductive reasons, and that the hourglass figure helps women accumulate DHA (omega-3 fats) in their hips and thighs that help

a. carry the fetus,
b. produce mother's milk,
c. build big-brained children, 
d. ease stress in the birth canal.

10. ___  Reportedly the smallest bust size on a Playboy Playmate belonged to Karen Elaine Mornton in the July 1978 issue. Her bust size was

a. 32 (B)
b. 33 (C)
c. 34 (C)
d. 35 (B)
11. ___ The average age of a Playboy Playmate is 

a. 30
b. 26
c. 23
d. 22

12. ___ The youngest Playmate ever featured was Elizabeth Ann Roberts (Miss January 1958 appeared at age 

a. 16
b. 18
c. 19
d. 20

Karen Elaine Mornton


1. b    2. a    3. c   4. b    5. b    6. a
7. d    8. a    9. c   10. a    11. d   12. a

Click here for Will Lassek's entire slideshow on "Why Do Women Need Fat":

Elizabeth Ann Roberts
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