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Monday, June 8, 2015

Sacrifice To Authority

Being sacrificial bait for a skewed system of justice makes you a target without any protection. While law enforcement trumpets "Report crime and tips!" what they do with your information initiates a highly selective response depending on your value to the system.

While performing actions you honestly believe help your community, you may become an innocent person vulnerable to continued abuse from "important people." Why? You spoke out when the Good Old Boys did not approve. In reality, you must then face alone any and all senseless retaliation from those who oppose your decision to take action.

What happens when public servants tell little lies to appease a sincere person amounts to authorities ditching responsibilities in favor of maintaining the status quo. Using falsehoods in enforcement may seem innocent -- they may even appear to be a tool for compromise; however, doing so creates a highly dangerous situation for parties who good-heartedly accept the judgment (and the lies) of those paid to protect and serve.

Being told "we'll take care of it" is basically a brush-off that increases vulnerability to danger. You soon learn that you are better off taking care of your own problems without authorities knowing about your actions. Certain connections within the system control the equality of justice and speaking out just rankles enforcement's attitude of complete control. They do not want to be bothered by anyone with a problem that doesn't "fit their agenda."

Telling the truth can and does open the door for other people to spread false rumors about your intentions. So, soon after you bother the system, you face opposition from strangers and others who know nothing about your words, but who take the golden opportunity to attack you for saying something. Either they resent the cops or they believe authorities are under their tight control, so they now resent you for associating with enforcement, and they are free from prosecution to attack you with words and unfair tactics of intimidation.

This is how justice works today. This is what "equality" means when dealing with a system controlled by the few and not by the people. And, the cage that limits freedom and holds a community captive strengthens over time as disciples of injustice are rewarded for taking care of those whom they judge worthy of favor.

There is no level field of communication between the public and enforcement. They use the public at their own discretion for their own gains. I wonder if they realize how that selectivity endangers others. My guess is that they are aware of this, but they consider this normal business in a system that can constantly use blame and pass the buck until it becomes indiscernible as to where it should stop.

Fear, indifference, and lies maintain order, and the real order of law is a pecking order that solidifies the inequality of justice.
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