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Daily Times Editorial by Greg Allen: Liberals Have the Mark of Cain

The Daily Times posted an editorial by Greg Allen – a columnist and founder of Builder of the Spirit in Jamestown, Indiana, which professes to be a non-profit organization aiding the poor. Thus, the organization receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or from the general public

Allen's editorial titled “Totalitarians In Disguise” begins in a non-accusatory, informative manner by stating Webster's definition of the term Liberal as “someone having views or policies advocating individual freedom of action or expression... A Liberal is a person who is free from prejudice or bigotry, one who’s tolerant, or open-minded, characterized by generosity and not strict or rigorous.”

But then Allen begins a long diatribe about Liberals being the “polar” opposite of those with open minds. (I am using his spelling of the word with a capital “L.” I assume he is speaking of liberal in a political stance.) In fact, Allen says Liberals are totalitarians, and he uses the Bible to confirm his belief.

According to Allen …

“A totalitarian believes in a centralized government and won’t tolerate differing opinions in exercising dictatorial control over many aspects of life. They partake in the exercise of control over freedom, the will, or thoughts of others.

“'Conservatives,' on the other hand, are disposed with preserving existing conditions and situations, in restoring traditional ones, and limiting change. They’re traditional in style or matter, avoiding novelty or showiness.

“It’s been said 'One can’t serve two masters.' It’s always been our choice to take the lead or follow. The struggle of the mind dates back to the dawn of time when Eve was coerced by deception. She believed a clever fabrication and consequences ensued.

“One could say the birth of totalitarianism was reflected in her son. Cain, Adam and Eve’s first, a farmer, had a thirst for recognition. Abel, his younger sibling, was a rancher who no doubt practiced conservatism.

“Abel had favor, Cain didn’t, and it drove Cain over the edge. He couldn’t stand being left out of the limelight so he extinguished the competition, murdering his brother.

“After Cain’s heinous deed he was asked to give an account for his actions and his callous reaction was: “Am I my brother’s keeper?'

(Greg Allen. “Totalitarians In Disguise.” Portsmouth Daily Times. March 16, 2016.)

Please read the entire editorial by clicking here: .

The author, Greg Allen is a former contractor who “recognized God was changing the direction of his life in 2001 soon after a yard sale” after which he and his spouse Cindy “acted upon God's lead.”

On his Builder of the Spirit website, Allen states, "I never really know how it will flow when I write - the Holy Spirit guides me when I do. I was never much of a reader or writer before, but God has changed all that!"

Well, evidently the Holy Spirit pushed some unbelievably accusatory judgment through Greg Allen's mind and his vicious pen. There is no doubt, he has murder in his heart for those misguided Liberals, the modern-day brothers of Cain. In his editorial, Allen continues …

“Liberals are typically bullies – they’re everywhere. They sprout up on the playground, in the classroom, at work, in society, and in politic. Bullies are just that, the standard doesn’t apply nor fit them. They’re all about intimidation, the belittlement of others, and the destruction of any opposing foe.”

With his reference to “the playground” and “the classroom,” Allen reveals that he is speaking of liberal thinkers with a lower-case “l.” I guess he thinks kids at recess and in school who are liberal are totalitarians. I can only guess he may have had a bad experience in grade school with a classmate who supported gun control or gay rights.

Allow me to let Allen, once again, use his own words to further explain his extreme distaste for  liberals …

“Nothing’s what it appears to be with most Liberals and they’ve mastered the art of manipulation. They seek out the flaws in human nature and scheme with cleverness for gain.”

Next, with his own sense of “manipulation” and deception, Allen says …

“A sense of belonging is innate in us all. Minorities refer to their own as 'Brothers and Sisters,' as do Christians, and those pushing labor unions. That sense of belonging can be exploited and often is by Liberals, who are often thirsting for domination of the masses.

“It’s always up to us, to question or trust, to lead, follow, or ignore, yet few take the time to examine the actions of individuals with the magnifying staple of truth.”

OK, that's enough. I've had it. Mr. Allen, you need an education in the truth. Evidently, your magnification device is marred and smeared by tunnel vision and your own intolerant understandings. What the hell? Minorities and labor unions exploiting Christians by using the phrase "Brothers and Sisters"? It's time to quit disguising your “Christian” nature with lies while spewing ridiculous, unjustified hatred for those with opposing views.

Greg Allen, you need to know that Liberalism was a 19th-century Protestant movement that favored free intellectual inquiry, stressed the ethical and humanitarian content of Christianity, and de-emphasized dogmatic theology. So, I am writing today to support Liberalism in the face of the dogma preached by Greg Allen. If he thinks I am Cain incarnate, so be it. He claims to be "building the spirit of God," yet he is divisive to the max.

I wonder if the editorial in the Daily Times was a paid piece. In fact, I read Frank Lewis's editorial of March 18 “Whatever Happened to Civility?” and thought it was right on point. In his editorial, Lewis stated: “We need to bring civility back. We need to respect each other’s views. If you don’t agree politically with someone you need to defend their right to have their view.” Certainly, Allen's editorial does not accomplish this goal of preserving civility.

Greg Allen is not a Times staff writer, yet somehow his piece was chosen to run in the Daily Times. I strongly defend the right to express all opinions. Yet, I question how the editorial even made a run in our local paper. I think Allen's denouncement of liberal ideas is inflammatory, especially considering the political climate of the day.

To end this blog entry, allow me to define totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is “a political system where the state recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.”

(Robert Conquest. Reflections on a Ravaged Century. 1999.)

A number of thinkers, including Zbigniew Brzezinski, have argued that Nazi and Soviet regimes were equally totalitarian. As far as I know, Allen's home state of Indiana has nothing politically in common with Nazi Germany or the Communist Soviet Union. Indiana is not being threatened by any Liberal totalitarian takeover.

Perhaps, Allen should look toward other causes for his unrest. Who are the real bullies bent on totalitarian rule? Aliens from outer space? A horde of Bigfoot creatures? Or, maybe, just maybe, a sect of incredibly intolerant individuals abusing the symbol of the cross for their own attempt at merciless domination.

Greg Allen

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