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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sick Commercial During "The Passion" -- Shaun Adkins and "Squashing Liberalism"

 Shaun Adkins

I was watching Fox TV's “The Passion,” a two-hour live event from New Orleans. The musical production was a modern update on the Bible story starring Jencarlos Canela as Jesus, Chris Daughtry as Judas, and Seal as Pontius Pilate. I thought it was different, mildly interesting and rather controversial in its novel presentation.

I noticed that most of the commercials during the presentation contained mild content, and some ads even featured local ministries. I understood that the audience was likely Christian and apt to be sensitive to religious ideals.

Then, during the second hour of programming …

A paramilitary-looking dude storms into one of the commercials holding his automatic weapon and spouting propaganda about how liberals are destroying America. He began touting his Squashing Liberalism book and website where people could read about his aggressive, no-holds-barred attack against liberal Americans.

I was so taken back by the commercial that I watched it without actually noting the name of the host. My eyes and ears were riveted on the negative message of the ad, and I couldn't believe the commercial was airing during “The Passion,” and evidently part of its paid sponsorship. It seemed much too forceful to be sponsoring an event about the life of Jesus.

I became so upset with what I considered an unkind intrusion of the program that I called the local Fox affiliate to ask more about the ad. They did some checking and found out a little more about Squashing Liberalism by the author Shaun Adkins.

This information allowed me to find Adkins online. With the aid of his website, I would like to share a little about Mr. Shaun Adkins.

Shaun Adkins says he one of the “good guys.” He states that he is a Marine, an author a public speaker, a conservative talk show host and “every liberal's worst nightmare.”

His site states ...

Whether it’s up close and personal confrontations with tree-hugging hippies or drawing national attention and garnering a Fox News interview for his heated discussion with a U.S. Senator, people have come to know Shaun Adkins as someone who doesn’t pull punches when the issue is the liberal agenda that’s destroying America.

A dedicated and concerned father, U.S. Marine Corps veteran, and plain-spoken conservative voice, Shaun has always felt someone needed to write a book about how to counter the left’s ideology in the same manner he does…so HE DID!”

Read for yourself. Shaun Adkins site:

Adkins served as a young engineer in Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He claims to exhibit a “Marine Corps attitude” in everything he does, especially when “defending American ideals” in posts, interviews, and speaking at public rallies and forums.

At his website, the reader can, for a price, order merchandise such as his book, “dNC Voting Dead t-shirts, flag-pattern head wraps, posters, and decals – all of which he calls “an American thing” for “squashing liberalism.” He must like that suppressing word a lot.

On the site, Adkins also features podcasts in which he claims he “advances conservative principles with a healthy dose of politically incorrect humor, bold truths, and in-your-face common sense mixed with a little military flavor, to pummel the left and revive America.”

These podcasts were founded in 2013 by Donna Fiducia, former Fox News Channel anchor, and Don Neuen, Constitutional Conservative.

Adkins also has a show on Red State Talk Radio.


Under the guise of sarcasm and humor, Shaun Adkins literally holds a gun against those with liberal views. As a person profiting from his hateful rhetoric, Adkins' bias lines his pockets. Of course, like any American capitalist, he is entitled to free speech and to any profits he makes from his enterprises. Yet, Adkins uses his experience as a veteran to justify trampling liberals and call it his red-blooded American duty.

This is exactly the type of attack campaign that creates unyielding political partisanship, and it is also evident Adkins is attempting to delineate lines of faith and define all Christians as God-fearing, gun-toting, liberal-hating conservatives. 
In my life I have known many, many veterans and a great number of heroes who served their country with honor. None of those in my acquaintance promoted hardcore tactics that supported a particular political agenda. In fact, they all respected different political views and made no attempts to denigrate Americans for which they served. I feel Adkins is using his service in the Marine Corp for selfish self-promotion.

With his props of weapons, the American flag, and steel weights, Adkins makes false generalizations about those he judges unfit while he uses ad hominem attacks to bring his heavy boot down upon these liberals. Of course, his entire shtick incorporates many other fallacies such as appeals to emotion (jingoism) and appeals to tradition. 
Shaun Adkins builds himself up as the voice of reason and patriotism. On his blog, he praises those who fought on Omaha Beach (the “Greatest Generation”), and he says …

There are fewer and fewer of these heroes left with each passing day. We should all make it a point to honor them every chance we get and thank them for the life they lived, the men and women they were, and the things they did to secure a better life for us at a time when most of us weren’t even around yet.”

I believe the men who landed on D-Day helped secure liberty for all people. To judge and assume their sacrifices were meant to gain freedom for one particular political persuasion is staining history and grossly distorting the truth. Perhaps Shaun should research the true objectives and achievements of people like my father who fought in World War II against Nazi Germany.

Shaun Adkins equates patriotism – love and devotion to one's country – as a zealous allegiance to what he calls “the good guys” who “stand on the right side of history.” There is little doubt what he views as the “right side.” His views are emblematic of those who support the political polarization of American and the end of diversity.

To end this entry, I noticed that Adkins calls liberals “God deniers.” He says he is a “fed-up American” in a “raging war for America’s soul.” To win this conflict Adkins calls for “squashing liberalism in a team effort.” So, I assume he considered airing his inflammatory commercial during “The Passion” a full-frontal “team” attack against heathen liberals. I guess that also means unless you are on his “team,” you do not have a relationship with the Almighty. 
I believe in God, in “good guys,” in Marines, and in many conservative values, but also I believe in the people of the United States of America -- all of the well-intentioned people, no matter how diverse their views. We all have a voice in our way of life, our government, and our freedom. A man who professes people should come together to “squash liberalism” in the name of God and the founding fathers is simply promoting himself and his selfish material interests. 

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