Friday, July 6, 2018

There are lists and there are lists ...

Jordan Adkins  Rosemary Adkins  Ruth Adkins  Hazel Andronis   John Artis            Alice Barker
Don Barnett      Murbel Bice         Walter Buckle Nell Bumgarner  Peggy Campbell  Robert Chestnut
Larry Comer    Beulah Creech     Mike Davis      Betty Dillow      Barbara Dunham Velma Eichenlaub
Bob Herald      Fred Humston      Mary Johnson  Louise Kennedy  Judy Lemaster   Alice McKenzie
Ilse Melior       Betty Merritt         Betty Morgan  William Morgan  Lucille Moulton Ann Oakes
Harold Patrick  Gladys Pfleger     Irene Preston    Dorothy Russell  Glenn Schuler     Clare Slaydon
Andy Steele III Ralph Stewart      Patty Sullivan  Joan Uhl             Charles Violet     Beulah Wells
Ed Williams     Alberta Wolford   John Wolford   James Young      Charles Zaler      Raymond Zaler

This is a list of community stalwarts who worked so hard on the Lucasville Sesquicentennial of 1969. As you see, a great many widely recognizable names appear on the list. And, so many others also offered time, money, and sweat to make that celebration a one-of-a-kind success. Those of us who remember the celebration marvel at the tremendous job citizens did to make the Sequi unforgettable. Folks, I can assure you these names represent truly remarkable people who loved their community with all their heart.

2019 marks the Bicentennial of Lucasville. A much, much smaller group from the Lucasville Area Historical Society has been laboring to plan commemorative events and appropriate ceremonies for next year. As far as I know, this is the only community group involved in making the celebration a reality. 2019 will be here before we know it, and the society needs your help to make the 200th birthday a success. Some of the events require many more human resources than we presently can muster.

I understand the sacrifice people make to pledge their assistance. It is difficult for many to attend meetings and lend a hand – especially older citizens and those with busy schedules. Then, I think of that list above. So many of those individuals were not spring chickens and they were busy folks, too. These people made lasting impressions in Lucasville because they refused to say “no” when assistance was needed. In fact, the list reads like a “Who's Who” of prominent influences.

Don't we owe each new generation the same initiative and commitment? I think so. I am sure we continue to nurture the same great values and beliefs of those in Lucasville of old. Buildings and streets and faces may change, but the earnest spirit of the area remains. And, it will prevail as long as people take an active role as stewards and stewardesses of our land.

Sometimes I hear comments like ... “Well, people don't really care about these things anymore” or “There just isn't a core of committed folks around now” or “No one wants to waste time on stuff like that.” Imagine how our youth react to these utterances. If they hear these statements and take them to be true, they come to believe in a defeatist mentality. I know the Lucasville community not only has a strong heritage and a committed tradition but also has an enduring base of proud residents. People young and old continue to move into our area and find a place of acceptance and cordial pride. The area is still a splendid valley of opportunity.

This Bicentennial is an opportunity for all locals to celebrate our history while building our social integrity. Nothing like working together on a common goal can strengthen the ties that bind us together. I hope more people decide to dedicate time to the planning and the execution of the events in 2019. 50 years ago the Sesquicentennial was a booming success, and there is no reason the 200th commemoration should be less fitting. By the way, no age is too young or too young to get involved – there is work for all.

The historical society is busy making wonderful plans. Bless all of those kind souls – a group of maybe 20 or 25 at full muster. I am not shortchanging the tremendous work being done. It is spectacular that so few can do so much. I just know that so many things would be so much better and easier to accomplish if more took an avid interest. Please, consider how you can help make the Bicentennial a great celebration, one worthy of our fair town. May we build a list of citizens that makes those on the list above proud.

NOTICE: The next Bicentennial Planning meeting will be held on July 12, 2018, at 6:30 at Emmanuel U. M Church basement in Lucasville, Ohio. Everyone is invited.

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