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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Heard an Artistic Recording

When the recording is ambient and clear
The speakers layer the sound
To give the near perfect illusion of full production in the room.
Nothing really blares in this solid, flat environment
But each quality of recorded sound is accentuated
In tones rather than in excess volume.
The album becomes three dimensional
And the depth of the music becomes natural
As playback differentiates the instrumental and vocal timbre.
The spectral envelope is pushed within the entire waveform
Without over-coloration or profuse electronic equalization
And each track clears the wall of sound to find its proper spatial pinpoint.
Superb dynamic range assures the highs and lows are faithfully reproduced
Without distortion while reproducing quiet passages and powerful crescendos
In levels that capture the passion and intensity of the recording.
Put simply, there's more there, there.
The ears affirm the quality of art of the original master,
Not a cheaply pressed reproduction.
The audiophile feels the dramatic effect of the music
Set free from the restraints of simple phasing and raw sound,
And he smiles because he fully hears the heavenly creation.
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