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Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Simple Phrase

Someone I know once spoke these words: "One time I'd like to get it right And hear the world say, 'Good job, Son.' No parades, no gifts, no colored lights Just simple praise for things well done." I thought about this simple phrase As I perused my fondest gifts. I found among the best was praise, The words that make a spirit lift. Consider the friends who've never heard A word of praise pass through their ears. No wonder their hearts are never stirred To feel the warmth of kindness near. He's always there through day and night. And she's quietly serving every soul. His presence makes all things all right. Her comforts help each make the goal. We pass folks by and assume they hear The unspoken thanks inside our heads. Passed not by mouth the words aren't clear As mute thoughts die or are put to bed. So, I decided to speak these words: "Good job, Son," I simply said. "You did a great thing here today." He smiled so wide as he was fed A compliment, his well-earned pay.
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