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Monday, July 6, 2009

I See Only Black and White

I See Only Black and White I see only black and white. No spectrum of light Illuminates a technicolor world. Aquamarine, fuchsia, sapphire, saffron: All are pigments without representation In my crayola world box of two colors. All colors absorb light as dark black As all colors reflect in pure white To the perception of my receiving eyes. The blackness of authority and power, The whiteness of innocence and purity Present no warm or cool shades of the spectrum. Without hue or chroma distinction Saturating artificial or natural light, I navigate with thoughts of simple direct contrasts. All people, all thought, all relations Are concepts of black and white, No matter their complexity. Choices, preferences, and friendships, I clearly see two distinctions Of difference in their form. Right or wrong, good or bad, Friend or foe, ugly or beautiful Become lucid, permanent black and white fixtures. With no colors to stir emotions And no gray areas to cloud interpretation, I rest assured in my total absorption and absolute reflection. No alluring hues of potential disguise Illuminate any regret or compromise In my perfect interpretation. I see only black and white While your color-filled eyes Blind you with ubiquitous variety.
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