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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Lost Sinner

Witness the hopeless sinner A mistake in the making of a soul Destined to defile the innocent With cruelty and hate His hollow eyes perceive all Without compassion or grace As his voice angrily swears out Base deficiencies of his heart Without conscience or shame He roams without boundaries To torment the good And to violate all sense of order Deceit and anger are the tools He manipulates to afflict Deep gashes of pain On unsuspecting victims Masked with false kindness He dupes his friends Then assails them with allegations Of indecency and misconduct Manipulator, cheater, monster, and abuser- These are his wicked names Bound to intimidate others For his own ill-gotten gains Witness the hopeless sinner Damned to an eternity Of repeated offense after offense Just to dismally survive
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