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Monday, July 20, 2009

The post "Smoking At the American Legion" generated tons of opinions. I thought I would share the comments with you. I have included all comments in an attempt to avoid any personal bias. Some very good points were considered in these comments. I hope only to provide information in an attempt to enlighten the public about smoking in public or private establishments. The choice to follow State law, inevitably, rests with the owners of these businesses. One thing is clear-- evidently enforcement is lacking.
If it's anything like Kentucky, the bar is only fined if someone reports the bar. Down here, they aren't patrolling for it. Although I do know one bar did get in trouble...they were selling $1 disposable ashtrays, and all the proceeds went towards the inevitable fine they would be getting. Pretty enterprising, but the officials down here were having none of it.
Personally I love it, it is nice to be able to go out and have a drink without smelling like a cigarette. If people need to smoke they can go outside. Also there are so many issues that have arisen from second hand and even third hand smoke. Such a great law. If I walk into a place that is not abiding then I just simply leave. I smoked for over 25 years until I gave it up a year ago this month. No way will the militay be smoke free in my lifetime. I believe 1/3 of the force smokes today and they've been trying to reduce those numbers for years. You take cig's away from a combat soldier and you'll create an animal. It is difficult enough trying to quit in the calmness of your home, it would be virtually impossible if someone is shooting at you. Like it or not, believe it or not, cig's are addicting and it's very difficult quitting. They've already made it difficult to smoke on base and bans are already in place in all facilities and have been for years.The price of cig's are just about the same as off base establishments. It is true at one time you could purchase cig's a lot cheaper at the Commissary but that changed in the 90s. Depending on the brand, you may or may not save a buck or two by purchasing on base. I do believe in smoke free environments though. I always tried to stay away from nonsmokers when I lit up. So far most establishments here in Columbus are doing fine with it. Most have a place to smoke out doors, covered patios with heaters in the winter, etc. Outside it doesn't bother me, inside it does. I too hate smelling like a cigarette when going out. I quite 13 years ago for a reason... (I am) waiting for the electric cigarette to catch on. saw it this weekend...its second hand smoke...,no junk going in your lungs...yet still has the nicotine for the cravings. can be smoked anywhere including airplanes...someone is about to be a bazillionaire... I get kinda mad when I see someone not following the smoking ban, and the fact that its not being enforced even makes me more furious. While one can argue that its their choice to smoke and they should be able to do it where they want to. There comes an issue of public health, safety and our constitutional right of the pursuit of happiness. There is a proven health risk to both smokers and none smokers especially when they are in an enclosure like a bar or restaurant. Not only is it unhealthy but it stinks, ruins that eating experience and stains the floors, ceilings, walls, and the clothing of all the people. Not to mention the constant exposure to the employees. If the smoking ban is not being enforced does that mean that its not safe for pregnant woman to go to these public places or is it that businesses don't care about the health and comfort of their clients. The law came here (Florida) about 5 years killed the hospitality industry...all the bar/restaurants had to build outside venues to accommodate. Several restaurants went out of business because they lost the smokers who stay longer and drink more. Pregnant women should not be in bars anyway..see above....There were a lot of rule breakers when it first started, but now everyone follows the rules. This is an Ohio state law. You can file a complaint by calling 1-866-559-6446 or email One question about pregnant woman in bars, why shouldn't they be there, it is there right to be a DD or hang out with friends if they want to, being at a bar does not mean you have to drink, second if the bar is to violent and not safe for her the cops should be called anyway. The smoking ban did shut down restaurants or bars, if so they where not being ran right, smoking should not determine the businesses profitability, the quality of products and services should keep the customers their spending money. Plus bars and restaurants are not required to provide a place for people to smoke it is the owners choice to make that investment. In reality that puts more money into the construction supply and labor sector of the economy.That has always bothered me. Being a Vet I don't see how that is being very supportive to us. One it harms our health and two there are much better things that money could be spent on to show us support. I think the legion should be smoke free just as a hospital is. The legion does many great things for those who serve and should be a safe healthy environment for volunteers and members to go and celebrate and support our Vets and serving members, not to mention their families. (I) was in a bar my last trip up there. There were four of us in the bar. Three of them smoked, including the bartender. No one seems to be enforcing it unless there is a grudge against the owners and the so many feet from the entrance is definitely not being enforced. I see people smoking right next to the door. Funny, I don't see any smokers commenting....I personally hate it and don not allow it in my house or car,haven't for years.I think most smokers are inconsiderate people and I think anyone smoking in a car with little kids should be arrested just like drunk driving. Poor babies can't breathe or even tell anyone how they feel.And if you are pregnant and smoke,shame on you. Give the baby to someone who thinks babies are more important than that nasty thing in your hand. I know someone will come on here and say something about drinking.Yes, I drink when I go out but I am not forcing someone sitting beside me to drink.In fact, half the friends at our regular table don't drink and none of them smoke.If my drink was taking someone's breath away, I would not do it. And I will not drive and drink.Though there are some people who can't drive and never drink a drop. And sleepy drivers are as bad as drunk drivers. I could never marry (or date) a smoker. Though I married one the first time around and was pregnant but luckily he was smart enough to not smoke around me. It just is not cool anymore. Wake up people. And you young girls out there that think it's cool, you are sooooo wrong. Guys do not like girls who smoke. Just ask them.... Smoking endangers everyone in the room, not just the smoker; drinking only endangers other people when the drinker drives or operates machinery, and that can be stopped-------big difference I hate cigarette smoke, and that's putting it lightly. Why should we suffer from second hand smoke because of other's choices? I was having my nails done two weeks ago, and the shop owner was going to let a client light up since there were just a few of us there. I was definitely going to say something, but the client's ride picked her up. People are entitled to whatever lifestyle they so choose, but shouldn't infringe on others in doing so. My opinion :) Oh,you just don't want to get ME started. I could go on and on. I HATE CIGARETTE SMOKE. I can sniff out a cigarette a mile away. People try to come in the store where I work with one in their pocket that they have pinched to put out and save. Well,it doesn't stop the smell and I tell them. Take it out of the store. No Smoking in here. Or they will lay one on the ledge of a brick outside the door to save it while they pick up their prescription. I go out and smash it while they are in the store and they probably wonder WTF. But,the smoke rolls right in the door and I hate it. Not to mention the ones who smoke and smell like they've been eating cigarettes. I know I'm gonna make some people mad here but geez, you stink and your fingers and nails are yellowed. And if you don't take a bath everyday and wash your clothes, man, you really stink and trust me, I will be spraying air freshener as soon as you leave. Smoke stinks but put that with not bathing and wearing clean clothes and OMG, you WILL make me sick. I don't know that smoking decreases stress levels but I do know that being placed in stressful situations increases the urge to smoke. It took several months to overcome the urge when feeling stressed. Like you, I agree, why have laws on the books and not enforce them. It's unfortunate but the dollar is a factor in almost any decision being made today. Even our clubs on base are now smoke free. They have very nice smoking areas outdoors but no smoking inside. Maybe some sort of compromise can occur. If not, I would gather up all the nonsmokers and find an establishment that wants your business. You don't even want to get me started on dirty people. What does it take to wash yourself every day? I mean really. Does your nose not work anymore? Do you not smell that nasty dirty man hair smell that reeks from you? Do you not feel the tobacco juice running down your chin and onto your shirt? Did you p__ or s__ your pants 5 days ago and haven't had a bath yet? And you want to hand me money from way down in your dirty pants pocket? And when was the last time you brushed your teeth? I know my breath is not sweet every second of the day but I do brush and floss and I worry about it. Some people just don't care and they are the ones that want to get right in your face....Oh, stop me here. I could go on all day but I think I'll go take a shower and brush my teeth and USE DEODORANT... Wow! Okay, I'll be the one lone smoker to add my two cents.. . I do smoke BUT I hate smelling like smoke, having it right in my face, etc. I agree with the ban actually. I don't mind going outside to smoke, I even go outside at home. Personally, I think all the whining about having to go outside is just laziness, drag your butt off your bar stool and think of the walk outside as your big chance at exercise. :) I'm all for the smoking ban but I'm not sure anyone is getting fined. If you want to smoke that's up to you but I don't want to smoke so I should have the same consideration, right? It's not a ban on smoking just a ban on smoking inside. I'm sick of hearing smokers whining about their rights being violated. You don't have a right to blow chemicals down my throat! I also am sick and tired of a certain smoker preaching to people about the dangers of white bread and sugar!!!!!WTF
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