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Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Spot Within

Spot Within Don't you think there is a tiny spot within you that no other human has yet reached? To keep that spot virgin is almost sacred to every individual. It represents a mystery of "what may come." Undefinable and intangible, the spot rests for the most part, but every now and then, it stirs with emotion. It neither represents the past nor present, but somehow it exists for a future yet revealed. When passion does awaken the spot, we are totally unsure of how to deal with its consciousness. Less subtle than a drive, more forceful than a notion, it emerges to safeguard its purity. When necessary, it reacts to actions with its own force and will. I've felt it surface in complex circumstances almost as if coaxed from hiding with some incredible reasoning, but, more often, the spot is provoked by simple, almost fundamental thought. Although often challenged, no thought of mine or action of another has ever reached into its space and tread on its ground. It has always managed to defend itself and ward off intruders without even a crack being split in its outer walls. I think the spot revels in its mystery, never intending to reveal enough of itself to be fully understood. I do know it feels a place of prominence in my survival. The fact that no one, even myself, can fully occupy it, the spot is best left at bay. To my knowledge, the spot has never grown, remaining very small but infinitely powerful. It needs no exercise or fuel to maintain its perfect state. I also think the spot is confidently defiant in its largely quiet nature. Feeling indomitable, the spot risks exploitation, then, in victory, it prides itself in its ageless, unparalleled courage and clout. A loss of privacy is never even considered in a fight. In short, the spot is untouchable. Why do we have this tiny, unexplored region within us? Maybe it is our guarantee that no one else will ever fully comprehend our nature. Maybe the spot cradles the heart of the very soul. Maybe it exists to insure that self discovery is unattainable by both ourselves and others. Maybe the spot can only yield to occupation in other future dimensions or forms. I just know that the spot lies within me, and no matter what you or I do to dig into its core, the excavation will not work. As any other unexplored region, the spot creates an intense desire for discovery. When someone is intent on pervading it in others, they may stir it from rest, coax it with words, stroke it with kindness, or attack it with brute force, but the spot will remain pure. No one can occupy the tiny spot so essential to the survival of the unique qualities of an individual-- feelings, emotions, soul, and life force. Some may try: all will fail. That immortality of singularity is the spirit and function of the spot.
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