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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Are You an Average Joe or an Average Josie?

So, just what is a 2009 "Average Joe" or "Average Josie" in America? Here are some averages for you to consider. I wonder just where every blog reader stands in relation to so-called "average" American? It is interesting to pit your answers against some statistics. Remember, this is light research and is subject to speculation, but fairly reputable in content. Read the stats and have fun. Comments anyone? 1. The average family unit is a married couple with no children, constituting 28.7% of households. 2. The average social class was described as being either middle, or working class. 3. The average person's earnings per year, age 25 or older, were roughly $32,000. 4. The average person does not have a college degree nor was a high school drop-out. 5. The average person will be married at least once during a lifetime. 6. The average person will be divorced at least once during his or her lifetime and is also likely to re-marry after their first divorce. 7. The average person lives in his or her own home in a suburban setting. 8. The average American home, 67% of housing units in the United States were owner occupied, had three or fewer bedrooms with one or less occupant per room (including kitchen, dining room, living room, etc...) and were mortgaged 9. The average person pays roughly $1,000 per month in mortgage payments for a three or less bedroom house with no more than one occupant per room. 10 The average person holds a white collar job as a salaried employee who works in varied environments, including comfortable offices, retail outlets, and hospitals. 11. The average person has an IQ of 98 in America, with Ohio averaging 101. 12. The average person is marriage as a male at 26.8 years and as a female at 25.1 years. 13. The average household needs two incomes in order to live what is commonly perceived as a middle-class lifestyle. The average household income is $47,211 a year. 14. The average household carries some $8,000 in credit card debt or about $18,654 per household, a figure that doesn't include mortgage debt. 15. The average woman is 5' 3.7 (162 centimeters) tall and weighs 152 pounds (69 kilograms). 16. The average male stands 5' 9.1 tall and weighs 180 pounds. 17. The average person's body contains 13 weed and bug-killing chemicals. 18. The average person exercises the recommended 20 minutes a day—but that's because 17% of exercise for well over an hour, while the rest of scarcely stir at all. 19. The average person (by a vast majority) believes in God and owns a Bible. 20. The average person will say a prayer at some point each day. 21. The average person will not floss each day. 22. The average person will take a shower for 10 minutes each day but will not sing in it. 23. The average person will drive an eight-year-old car to work each day. 24. The average person will spend 95% of each day indoors and 2 and one half hours online each day. 25. The average person will consume 20 teaspoons of added sugar each day. 26. The average person will not save any money each day. 27. The average person lives 13 years longer than the average celebrity, who is four times as likely to commit suicide. 28. The average person (9 in 10) says he or she is moderately or very satisfied with his or her job. 29. The average person spends nearly $800 a year on tobacco and alcohol. 30. The average person (who works) worked 7.6 hours on working days. 31. The average person takes 12 vacation days each year. 32. The average person spends 22.4 minutes in commuting each day. 33. The average family has a $12,750 auto debt. 34. The average person watches more than 4 hours of TV each day (or 28 hours/week, or 2 months of nonstop TV-watching per year). In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube.

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