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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Facebook Disables Accounts For What?

Just recently, Facebook disabled my account because of "speed" issues. Some people assumed I typed too fast or spammed information. I am at a loss because Facebook merely asked me to review their policies when they disabled my account. Of course, the policies are many and vague. I type well and have many friends; however, I have friends who have many, many more friends on Facebook than I. I am a good member of the Facebook community and use it for positive purposes. The Internet is full of such stories: 'Facebook has disabled my account for no apparent reason." E-mail redress is given by Facebook but response is either very slow or nonexistent. For such a service to admonish and disable users for adding friends when Facebook encourages this or for Facebook to control rights to expression when vulgarity, nudity, hate, or subversive content is not an issue is ridiculous. Many users, myself included, rely on keeping touch with friends and relatives through the service. Many prayers are requested and answered through Facebook contacts. Many important issues are discussed through Facebook communication. And, many briefings of personal news are shared through Facebook comments. In brief, a vital link, although free and privately owned, should not be denying access to its users for unknown reasons. Content issues? Are there some controversial topics Facebook wishes to control? In this age of the computer, dictatorial censorship without reason is a very serious issue when your business is free communication. Here are some recent Facebook stories from other users: "Annoying Facebook apps require you to spam your friends in order to add them, and their limit on no. Of groups you can join, it took Facebook customer service staff a week to reply to me recently when my profile would not load. There are other people with the same problem who are still waiting for a response. When I got one, it was two sentences telling me what I already knew, that my profile wasn't working and they were fixing it—with no date by which I could expect it to be available to me, and no explanation. When it finally loaded again, FB had removed one or two of my apps." "Most of the time they have nobody to blame but themselves. If Facebook is really supposed to be a communications utility, should they be disabling accounts so frequently? I remember AOL had similar policies back in the 90s, regularly disabling accounts that had violated the terms of use. It’s not often that you hear about email accounts, phone lines, or other communication utilities being disabled though." "The account disabling offer occurs seemingly at random, for users who have done nothing wrong. Why?If an account is disabled, what recourse does a user have to get THEIR data back? (photos, contact info, and delete any profile information)

" I had 2 facebook accounts disabled. The first one I set up in the name of our deceased son. The website said “In Loving Memory of…”. All my family thought it was great & were going on there to leave stories, memories, etc. & I was uploading photos of him from childhood on. My daughter-in-law found out & was furious, so she reported me to facebook as an “Imposter” account & they shut it down."

"In addition to the emotional distress people suffer, what about the connections people make to stay with others around the world? When those connections are lost, it isn’t difficult to calculate a monetary loss. In addition to many other scenarios, there may even be medical or healthcare advice being exchanged that could cause serious injury or death. I realize that facebook is putting the public on “notice” when it has the policy online. However, those wrap-around or adhesion contracts do not stand up in every state. Facebook should have an expectation that they could be hauled into court in any jurisdicton through long arm statutes."

"I have the same problem like many others who got disabled in facebook for 4 days already. Disabled by reason, either added friends too fast or clicking too fast on certain functions."

"I’d like to say, like many others here I have no intention to create any spam or damage to facebook or any people. But the same problem may be caused from requirements from games such as group adding provided by facebook."

"Facebook is not only giving itself a black eye it is also giving the United States of America a BIG black eye in the eyes of the rest of the world. I ask Facebook to please wake up and see the light. If you are so paranoid about your members governing themselves by self enforcement of your unknown limits and rates than at the very least give members an exact number that is considered a breach of your limits and rates and or place your own limit governors on whatever you want to governor and stop disabling members who are actually your friends as well as friends of other members. I believe if Facebook will place its own limit governors to enforce its policies or even better do away with limits and allow freedom to reign you will be creating good will for yourself and most importantly from your members and disabled former members."

"I lived for 11 years in Saudi Arabia where I had to look over my shoulder at times for fear I was doing something that could land me in trouble. I’m sorry that in the free world, I’m discovering myself in this bind. It’s almost felt like an entrapment of sorts - to be cut off from hundreds of very old friends just reconnected with from elementary school, and people who have known me through high school and university. A friend died this year and his Facebook account is a place where people still meet and talk. I can’t access that. Another friend is battling cancer, and I can’t reach the person who had been filling me in about that."

"I received so many phone calls, instant messages and emails asking me all the same thing: "Why did you delete me from your Facebook friend list?". The fact is that I never deleted them, instead, when you are banned from Facebook, you disapear from all the pictures, friend lists and groups.Now think how bad this looks when you try to add them back if they don't believe that your Facebook account got disabled. Your contacts might think that you were angry at them and now you're trying to suck up and look sorry for your actions by asking another friend request. Another great disadvantage is that if you are coupled with a girlfriend/boyfriend on the site, they go into IN COUPLE relationship status but without anyone as a contact. Her/his friends will go asking "What's wrong?, did you guys break up, etc...." "In other words, you exist on Facebook at the whim of Facebook. The Facebook dieties can zap your existence for reasons even more frivolous than those of the Greek gods. Facebook can banish you because you’re wearing a blue T-shirt in your photo, or because it selected you at random, or because you named your blog Above the Law rather than Below the Law." What do I expect from Facebook? I expect a detailed reasons for my "disabled" status. Facebook officials owe me that for encouraging positive communication on their service. I expect the right to dispute the detailed reasons for my expulsion. I, honestly, can't find an answer. And, I expect a quick reply for the expulsion. The response should be quick because my friends are currently unsettled about my apparent status and my reasons for denying them response.
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