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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi -- The Views

Whether you know it or not, whether you like it or not, or whether you care or not, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi employs some serious name-calling to characterize her opponents on different views. Nancy Pelosi also tops the list of the richest members of Congress. The Pelosi family has a net worth of over $25 million, mainly from Paul Pelosi's investments. Besides a large portfolio of jointly owned San Francisco Bay Area real estate, he also has millions of dollars worth of shares in publicly traded companies such as Microsoft, and AT&T, Wikipedia notes. And, speaking of Pelosi's views, here are some memorable quotes from now Madam Speaker Pelosi. May 19, 2004, on President Bush: "Bush is an incompetent leader. In fact, he's not a leader,'' Pelosi said. "He's a person who has no judgment, no experience and no knowledge of the subjects that he has to decide upon.'' August 29, 2005, on Hurricane Katrina and President Bush: Here is what she said about the president’s handling of Hurricane Katrina: "The president said he's going to lead the investigation into what went wrong. He need look only in the mirror, for starters." 2006 on the Republican budget:

She also reportedly called the GOP budget in "unpatriotic" because it drove up the national debt.

April, 2006, on a trip by President Bushyou outside of Washington:

"Let's see that matched in your separating yourself from your ... patron, Big Oil. Cut yourself off from that anvil that is holding ... your party down and this country down. Instead of coming to Washington and throwing your Republican colleagues under the wheels of the train, which they mightily deserve for being a rubber stamp for your obscene, corrupt policy of ripping off the American people."

November, 2006, on Pelosi in the House: "You must drain the swamp if you are going to govern for the people," she reportedly said during a speech at a senior center in Portland, Oregon. "Maybe it takes a woman to clean House. [Democrats] haven't had a bill on the floor for 12 years. We're not here to whine about it; we will do it better. I intend to be very fair. I do not intend to give away the gavel. (2006 - looking forward to becoming Speaker of the House in 2007)

April, 2007, on Pelosi's trip to Syria: U.S.A. Today finds that "Pelosi stepped out of bounds on [her] ill-conceived trip to Syria." USA. Today happens to disagree with the administration's policy of not talking to Syria. However, it understands that disagreement with the president is no excuse to "violate the long-held understanding that the United States should speak with one official voice abroad - even if the country is deeply divided on foreign policy back home." In other words, U.S.A. Today understands the meaning of loyal opposition in our democratic system.

June, 2007, on describing anti-war protesters criticized by war supporters as unpatriotic:

"It's always exciting," she said of protesters who interrupted a meeting in January 2006, according to an account in the San Francisco Chronicle. "This is democracy in action. I'm energized by it, frankly." At an event in June 2007, she had told anti-war protesters "just go for it, I respect your enthusiasm," according to another account.

September, 2008, on Republicans who weren't showing up to talks on a Wall Street bailout package:

"I thought it was very unpatriotic of them not to show up, not to show up, in some ways, boycott the meetings earlier in the week."

January, 2008, on Ted Kennedy's endorsement of Barack Obama for President:
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