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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dependently Independent

My belief in numbers dwindles as my confidence in a dedicated few increases, further defending my belief that a lack of mass dependence creates new-found individual independence in the most dire situations. In this stubborn, "stick to my own comfort zone" society, the needy individual is often suspended in the middle of mass indifference so great that others around him have grown accustomed to replying "Good luck with that" to any ill outside the zone. Over and over again, I observe people who identify and realize these problems while they willingly think in line but immediately halt the line at a call to action.

As wonderful as empathy and sympathy may be, they pale to productive action. I notice people are more than ready to throw their emotions and verbal support into a good effort and expect their voice of agreement to bring needed change. What is lacking is their supporting hands. They have grown accustomed to believing that petitions and speeches and well-chosen phrases get work done. Hands do work.

Meanwhile, great numbers of wrongdoers work every angle finding active means to thwart the vocal but "do nothing" people and their good intentions. Criminals are creative and dedicated to their work. They often extend their activities to incredible heights out of need. Unlike many apathetic good folk, the bad people do understand that their frequent and repeated actions can produce results that completely stifle the opposition.

Today, criminals and crooks are constantly busy in many successful enterprises that could be stopped by citizens who banded together to not only "outthink" but also "outdo" their real enemies. But, most people troubled by crime are content to repeat "Go luck with that." What are the victims really saying? They are saying, "Face your bad fate on your own. You don't have a chance."

Think of it. At one time in our brief history as a nation, people realized the necessity of banding together in mass and finding creative, unique ways to overcome harmful circumstances. The people simply "had to" to survive and to overcome those who would use their advantage for bad purposes. With that necessary dependence, our ancestors found responsibility in response and success in initiation of group interaction. Now, the Blame Game has become so convenient that personal responsibility has taken second seat to finger pointing and hiding behind hot air.

Nothing...NOTHING knits the fabric of society better than mutual work and direct action. I have witnessed unbelievable feats accomplished by those working toward a common cause. United positive energy must move, not merely sit and idle. The shift into movement makes not some, but ALL the difference. So many people expect too few individuals to do the work that requires many to accomplish. Not all must contribute with the same talents but all must recognize and provide the potential work that they can accomplish with their individual talents. Combined with honest commitment, this expended work results in a powerful mass movement.

I, for one, get very discouraged about the comfortable feelings of some as long as a scourge of absolute destruction spreads out of control. Matters for the common good become political. Matters for the common good become negotiable. Matters for the common good become controlled by private interests and big business. But, I believe evil is definable and largely recognizable. Attempts by those to disguise evil as something remotely good are simply greedy deceptions. Matters for the common good must be held in proper esteem above attempts of lobbyists who would use words and money to twist their proper form.

So, my hope lies in increasing the energy of a few until the masses help work to place the machine of righteousness into the gear of great movement. Then, people will realize their true sense of independence, their power of interaction, and their ability to produce needed change. If it were possible to think away threats, people would never feel threatened. Unfortunately, thoughts left to the actions of fate and the work of a few are totally unpredictable. In this case, the only changes that will definitely occur will occur within the minds of those who choose action. So, wish them luck if the sidelines is your zone of comfort. Wouldn't it be much more rewarding to step onto the field and to participate? Positions are certainly open.  

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