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Friday, February 18, 2011

You -- Living With Discomfort

Do you live in Southern Ohio? Are you becoming aware of increasing drug traffic? Is this an accurate description of your dilemma?

You are a member of a good family and reside in Southern Ohio. You are a law abiding citizen, proud to be an American afforded the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Never have you or any other members of your immediate family been involved with illegal drugs. In fact, your family prides itself on its sobriety and general "good living." In essence, you want your good life to continue.


Now, you find your community riddled with drug crime, violence, and addiction. Quite frankly, you hate the reality of the situation, yet you feel relatively safe because you and your kin have discussed the dangers and taken certain needed precautions. You presently feel quite confident that while your family keeps away from drug "trouble," you all will have continued safety and well being. Besides, you think, "What the druggies do to each other is their own affair." And, you realize speaking out and taking action against drug abuse will only put you and your family in jeapardy, at risk for great harm.


Honestly, you are correct in your assessment of the present situation. Taking a noticeable stand against the drug epidemic that blights Appalachia can be precarious. I understand completely your trepidation to rise from the perceived security of your home and take action for those you perceive as strangers. After all, you must consider not only your own risk as a major provider but also the risk to other frightened family members. The decision to remain a quiet observer of misfortune may even rest in your assurance that God will prevail and punish the wicked. Amen to that.


The very strength of the entire movement to improve conditions loses essential motivation as you limit your scope of care to protect only those you perceive as least vulnerable. It may even surprise you to discover the best-acting, most respectful people are at extreme risk now and will be in even more danger as drug abuse intensifies.

As you well know, others with your best interests in mind can win battles but require total participation to triumph in a true war. In addition to depending upon all good people to step into the fray, the activists expect increased ranks to follow after major successes continue to occur. The growing swell engulfs opposition.

The nation, the state, and all the media are watching our progress in the movement. The hopes of millions are focused on Southern Ohio and its fight against drug abuse. Most, even the majority our own residents, are skeptical that major change will occur. These people think that the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the illegal drug trade and that their war of attrition will eventually defeat the sparse population in Southern Ohio.

These people do not remotely comprehend the love of traditional values and the fierce spirit of individuality we possess, having lived with poverty, rejection, and ridicule all their lives.We accept and honor the position of "underdog." We are used to employing guerrilla tactics necessary to take down a Goliath. Stereotypes like "hillbilly heroin" represent the words others use to mock our native intelligence. In other words, many strangers believe that the drug epidemic we possess is entirely of our own design.

You who choose to observe the battles occupy a position on the high ground. It is impossible for anyone to estimate correctly your future threats. Rest assured, whether you want to face it or not, you are in the scopes of those intent on destroying your faithful, happy way of life. To those with little contact of those who trigger and execute the drug trade, rest assured that the first shot is devastating, world changing. If the bullet hits its target, an innocent person dies and an entire family crumbles. Terrorism, in every sense of the word, meets its objective.

No one can comprehend or even remotely grasp a death of such utter disregard. Please understand, the bullet is not housed in a full metal jacket but in a prescription tablet. The method of delivery is not a rifle but a cold dealer. The trigger is not a metal lever but a greedy doctor and a crooked pharmacist. And, the armory is not a storehouse but Big Pharma.

Most Tragic -- The Toll On Youth

Every day, across the nation, 2,500 of America's youth abuse a prescription drug for the first time. ("Prescription Drugs," Narconon Drug Information Department, 2010)

Every year, more people initiate abuse of prescription drugs than any other drug. More than 2.1 million people a year begin abusing prescription drugs, compared to just over two million that begin to abuse marijuana. Placing third with more than a million initiates per year is abuse of tranquilizers.

Out of the top ten drugs people start to abuse each year, three are prescription drugs. In all, approximately 3.3 million people start to abuse these three prescription drugs each year. About a million of these people are between 12 and 17 years of age.

Sellers go where the money is, and a huge source of people with immediate ties to the money are concentrated for seven hours a day in one convenient location. The illegal drug trade has managed to stick its bloody fingers into local schools to manipulate innocent pawns.

These young victims are attracted to thrills, to challenges, to highs, to money, to cliques, to the draw of  anything that pushes their limits. Many are already dissatisfied with their world. Loneliness, abuse, competition -- all add to their desire to try something new. To many young users, prescription drugs are safe drugs because Mom and Dad use them. They swallow in experimentation and begin a world of hurt that extends ripples into every part of their lives.

Your choice to participate in the war against the epidemic of drug addiction is a personal matter. You have the right to find your own level of comfort. No one on a drug task force or in a police uniform is going to require that you use your resources to help eliminate the killing fields. Naturally, if you choose to become active, your degree of participation is self determined.


The major categories of your activity remain:

1. You will continue to remain inactive,

2. You will participate partially by staying informed and sympathizing, or

3. You will dedicate the best of your abilities to full activity in the movement.
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