Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Sexy Songs -- Classic "Belly Rubbers"


I was a mobile DJ for decades. I loved to find the right groove to help create magic on the dance floor. Part of my mission during the evening was to set a stage where lovers could practice romance in motion. My cohort and I jokingly called songs that lifted that special spirit “belly rubbers.” But, in all honesty, these songs were just plain sexy.

Now, any song list that proclaims sexy tunes is subjective. It really depends upon the criteria set forth for defining the list since sexy is a relative term. One person's seductive song is another person's elevator music. No argument from me on that.

Without a doubt, my list is old school. Nothing in it even recognizes tunes recorded in the 21st century. In that respect, it is suited more toward the middle-aged and geezer groups. Still, I have seen over and over again the incredible appeal of these songs and their power to set a sensual, even erotic mood. These songs will put you face to face with L-O-V-E and initiate something that begs you and your partner to do the rest.

This list does include a small dose of raw sexiness, but it centers more on the “come hither” than the risque. If you are looking for blatant sex in lyrics, try early R&B classics like “Big Ten Inch (Record)” by Bull Moose Jackson or “Work With Me, Annie” by Hank Ballard. This list is tender on passion while still being highly exotic. 
Most of the selections feature a simple swaying, “hold on tight” rhythm – they are classic slow-dance tunes that don't require dance-floor gymnastics. It is often difficult to pull apprehensive dancers onto the floor, but these songs have that strong magnetism that many people find irresistible. The tunes elicit body contact … and how.

Here's hoping you find the list useful or, at least, interesting. All of the songs are readily available through online services or YouTube. It's up to you to figure out how to employ the songs for your pleasure. Believe me, you won't be the first to do so. 
Here is the list:

1. "Let's Get It On" - Marvin Gaye 

2. “Can't Take My Eyes Off You” - Frankie Valli (Four Seasons) 

3. "Tonight's The Night" - Rod Stewart 

4. Tie: “You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'” and “Unchained Melody” - Righteous Brothers 

5. Tie: “Love Me Tender” and “Can't Help Falling in Love” - Elvis Presley 

6. Tie: “At Last” and “Sunday Kind of Love” - Etta James 

7. "Sexual Healing" - Marvin Gaye 

8, “Talk It Over” - Grayson Hugh 

9. “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” - Paul Anka 

10. “Just the Way You Are – Billy Joel 

11. “Wonderful Tonight” - Eric Clapton 

12. “Love to Love You Baby” - Donna Summer 

13. “True Love Ways” - Buddy Holly 

14. “Stir It Up” - Bob Marley 

15. “I Want To Make It With You” - Bread

P.S. – If you love big band, please include “Moonlight Serenade” by Glenn Miller, Frank Sinatra, or Ella Fitzgerald. Damn, what a sexy tune. No wonder there were so many of us Baby Boomers.

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