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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Hungry World

Some Koreans munch on theie local dogs, The more suffering, the better the meat, Smashing cats in sacks against brick walls To liquefy in blenders and sell as drinks. While Hindus in India eat no sacred cows, If it motherly moos, keep it off their plates. Gods Shiva and Krishna have bovine ties, So cows are divine: 'dus never touch a steak. Islam belief is very strict that pork's a harmful dish. See, some people think "you become just what you eat." An unclean pig makes morals low and spirits fall away And cause one to grow a snout and cloven, dirty feet. Japanese love to sink their teeth in sashimi oh so pink. They dip raw, thin slices in sherry sweet sauces made of soy, And make horse meat a big part of izakaya essential cuisine. The lucky may get some basashi, fat nag's neck is a special joy. Limeys eat their breakfast treat of dried pig's blood and fat. This peppery thrill is often called blood pudding as its name. Mixed in a black sausage with some oatmeal, barley, and bread, Homer in the great Odyssey gave reference to its fame. Yanomami of South America think cannibalism is quite OK. To add strength for an enemy's defeat nothing do they waste; They reabsorb their closest clan in their cremated remains. The tribe serves dinner eating their ashes with banana paste. In the States a kid will eat 1,500 PB sandwiches before graduation, And a typical American appetite swallows 28 pigs before it dies, Along with 51 pounds of chocolate for the sweet tooth every year. So those other folk might look at us with curious, unbelieving eyes.
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