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Monday, May 25, 2009

To Go Beyond

The real world in our eyes
We move toward the sun
That brightens up the skies
As it rekindles our finite run.
Though the distance looms so long
And our odometers seem so slow,
Our patience must be strong
To fuel dreams that will drain low.
On the fringe of our earthly aim
A simple landmark fills our eyes,
So we make the passage to claim
Our sweet, well-earned new prize
We tell ourselves, "I got a hold!"
A nibble, then a much harder bite.
Then we pull on the sturdy pole
As the hook sets the strong line tight.
As we close on the final deal
Then weigh our hearty grab,
The things that we begin to feel
Turn solemn and strangely drab.
We should bask there in the bloom
Of the goal we at last attained.
But now we've just entombed
A wild dream forever tamed.
As we notch a bright new mark
On the belt of our expanding life,
The newest scar initials a start
For the next stroke of the knife.
The purpose of every happy soul
Is never wish a dream be gone.
Don't be glad just to meet a goal.
The key to life is to go beyond.
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