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Friday, May 29, 2009

Wake Up, America!

I challenge you, my friends, to sit down with your children today and teach them all the proper ways to behave and think. Since we have determined our convictions, it's about time we teach our convictions to those whom we love best. For decades, I have heard about the lesser bad effects of marijuana use versus the effects of alcohol use. I think to prove a conviction here, parents should light up in front of their children, let them see their parents high, and teach their children to smoke marijuana when they grow up instead of drinking beer. They would be doing a great justice to health care and to crime. Stoners are good, productive citizens with proven track records. It's about time for them to advocate usage to youth in order that the young people of today will live in a safer, reefer-filled world. Next, the sex talk. I think children should definitely be taught the advantages of bisexuality. Teaching kids that "bi is best" would lesson their fear and aggression toward any sexual persuasion. This is a new, accepting society that needs to be taught and reinforced very early in life that total freedom of sexual expression will not only help release unneeded pressures during adolescence but also encourage vital sexual experimentation during those "formative" years.
Bisexuality increases a person's chances of meeting people of diversity, and the variety presented to participants guarantees a lower divorce rate, when and if "traditional" marriages occur. Bi instruction seems to be the only sex-ed that can offer benefits to all persuasions. Society needs to shift from a procreation message to a toleration message. It's about time to put belief into action. After all, sex today is not all about having children and traditional heterosexual couplings are failing at an alarming rate. It's also about time to follow PETA's lead and teach our children to stop eating animals of any kind. In fact, vegan is the safest choice. No animal deserves to suffer, be it for food source or for clothing source, or for any source. Begin today by cutting meat from the family diet. And, please no bleeding hearts for meat substitutes-- these are like giving little boys toy guns to play with--the potential for using the real thing is the false message here.
This program of change can begin with the child's new selections at fast food restaurants as well as changes to the family diet. Imagine the savings and the health benefits which also positively impacts the health care system. Society must pressure insurance companies to demand their customers stop eating animals or pay increased premium rates to cover health care expenses. Speaking of pain, do plants suffer? Switzerland has already issued a document outlining the ethical treatment of plants. The document generously allows that "any action with or towards plants that serves the self-preservation of humans [is] morally justified." Why do plants have to suffer needlessly? There is an extra lesson to teach the kids. And finally, talk with your children about the "gansta" culture. Why are the kids being punished for this behavior? It is what they are programmed to do by the culture and it's about time to recognize that and respond accordingly. For example, gangsta rap is music describing the reality of inner-city life, and the rappers are only adopting a character, like an actor playing a role, which behaves in ways that they may not necessarily endorse. Since the '80s it has become the most commercially lucrative subgenre of hip hop. While the music reflects the violent lifestyle and deals with subjects such as homophobia, violence, racism, black supremacy, profanity, promiscuity, misogyny, rape, street gangs, drive-by shootings, vandalism, thievery, drug dealing, alcohol abuse, substance abuse and materialism, it, according to Spike Lee, is like black minstrel shows acted in an ignorant manner for the entertainment of audiences. Kids may need to be reinforced in their right and need to role play these important issues. Parents should play gangsta music with their children and show them the advantages of partaking such roles. In fact, parents should support the industry themselves by buying products to promote gangsta culture. Psychologists can relate the harm done to young people who are denied outlets for their playful aggressive feelings. Violence, as it relates to children, can be productive as play. If parents themselves were to imitate gangsta culture and behavior, the children would feel even safer in such real environments and understand criminal acts can be fun. How can a deeper look into reality be harmful? Perhaps play followed by field trips to areas rich in gansta culture would be most beneficial. Well, today is the day to put belief into action. To take the first step toward a better, more diverse, and more understanding America, parents must get off their soap boxes and receive their calls to action. Live it, America, and begin to reap the results. For some of us, attitude adjustments may have to be made, but the majority will certainly conform.
Do it now. That is, if you believe in it.
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